Are you still figuring out how to get LearnWorlds Coupon/ Discount? Well, you have landed at the right webpage on the internet.

LearnWorlds is an online course creation tool. You can use this tool for creating, selling, and promoting your online courses. LearnWorlds suitable for:

  • Customer training: Drive business results through powerful Customer education.
  • Enterprise LMS: A lightweight LMS that’s fast, flexible & easy to use.
  • Non-profit (NGO): Your E-learning Platform to Educate, Connect, & Inspire!
  • Creators: Cash in on your passion. Make money in ways you never thought of!
  • Coaching: Transform the way you coach and maximize your impact.
  • Fitness: Shape up your fitness online business & boost profits.
  • Finance: Educate the next generation of financial experts.
  • Health: Lead the future of Health and Medical online training.

This tool is user-friendly and very easy to use and learn. The best thing is it also supports custom-branded mobile apps for both (iOS and Android) helping you maximize the learning experience of students.

LearnWorlds is coming from a lucrative discount offer of 20% on its annual plans for everyone and If you are an (NPO) Non-profit organization, then it will give you an extra 32% Off.

In today’s post, I will provide you with an authentic step-by-step guide about claiming discounts on LearnWorlds.

So, without wasting time let’s get started.

How To Claim LearnWorlds Discount Code?

LearnWorlds’s starting Price at $24/month and the highest plan costs $249/month. If you choose annual subscriptions, you can save up to $600/year.

Step#1: To avail of this discount, head over to the LearnWorlds pricing page. Here choose the plan that is right for you. The discount will be automatically applied when you click on the hyperlink.

You don’t need any extra coupon code to avail of this discount.

Breadcrumbs: LearnWorlds Pricing Page > Solutions > Choose Your Industry > Start A Free Trial

LearnWorlds Pricing Plans:

LearnWorlds Christmas Deal

Step#2: Now, on the next step, you need to enter your email address and your school name and click on start your 30 days free trial now.

Learnworlds 30 days free trial now

Step#3: You need to answer some questions and click on next in the next step.

Learnworlds details form

Step#4: Now your 30 days free trial has started, once your free trial ends, you can upgrade your plan.

upgrade your plan

Step#5: Select the pro trainer plan and add your payment details. You can pay by Credit card or via Paypal and click on Next.

Pay Now

Successfully! You have unlocked the LearnWorlds discount; now enjoy its services.

Learnworlds Refund Process: How to Refund a Payment via Stripe or Paypal Dashboard?

[LearnWorlds offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its users. If you are not satisfied with its service, you can get a full refund within 30 days of subscribing to it]

Although a refund cannot take place through LearnWorlds, we can show you the steps to move forward with a refund request. Regardless of the Payment Gateway that has been connected to your school, you need to manually unenroll the users from the course first.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. If Stripe is your school’s Payment Gateway, go to your Stripe Dashboard.
  2. On the Payments page, click on the three dots icon on the right of the payment and select Refund payment.
Learnworlds Refund Process
  1. By default, the system will have ready the details for a full refund however you have the ability to also partially refund the payment.
Learnworlds Refund Process step 2
  1. You will have to choose a reason for the refund. Kindly note that in case you select Other, you must provide an explanatory note that is attached to the refund.
  2. After having added all the needed info click on the Refund button. The refund will appear in the customer’s statement after 5-10 days.

Depending on the refund type, the respective tag will be added to each payment.

Learnworlds Refund Process step 3
You have also the option to verify the refund details by clicking on the respective payment in the payment list.
Learnworlds Refund Process step 4

In the case of a partial refund, you will be able to refund more money (if you are requested to by your customer) just by following the same steps.

Learnworlds Refund Process step 5

If you have connected your LearnWorlds school with Paypal, then you can refund a specific payment either within 180 Days of Payment or 180 Days after the transaction.

Refunding Within 180 Days of Payment

  1. Log in to your PayPal business account.
  2. Click on the Activity tab and in the Filters panel click on Payments Received.
Learnworlds Refund Process step 6
  1. Click on the Transaction you want to refund, in order to open the Transaction Details.
  2. Click on the Refund this payment button.
Learnworlds Refund Process step 7
  1. Add the amount to be refunded in the “Total Refund Amount” field, a “Note to the buyer” if you wish, and then click on Issue Refund.
Learnworlds Refund Process step 8

Note: If there is no “Issue refund” option next to the payment, that probably means that the payment is not refundable since there have passed more than 180 days after the transaction.

Refunding After 180 Days

  1. In the top bar, select Send & Request and then Send.
Learnworlds Refund Process step 9
  1. After adding the needed info of the account to which you wish to send the refund, click on Next.
  2. Add the desired refund amount and a note informing about the purpose of the transaction, then click Continue to complete the refund.
Learnworlds Refund Process step 10

All Refund Policy Data Collections With Images On LearnsWorlds Official Website.

Discount For Non-Profit Organizations:

For non-profit organizations, LearnWorlds is offering a 32% discount. You can begin with its 30 days free trial and decide whether it suits your organization.

Non-Profit Organizations

LearnWorlds Features

LearnWorlds offers robust features to all its users. Let’s have a look.

  • Build Courses: With LearnWorlds, you can create amazing courses that help you capture attention, increase engagement, improve learning efficiency and boost your audience.
  • Create School Websites: Now, you can create your own online school without any coding or design skills, simply just click on the thousands of customized and ready-made templates that help you to build your online school.
  • Market And Sell Courses: LearnWorlds is a complete eCommerce solution for which build a market and sales tool that helps you to grow your audience and increase your revenue. It creates an excellent marketplace for more leads, revenue, and repeated sales.
  • Reports and Insights: With the LearnWorlds report center, you will get in-depth intelligence on your school you will get advanced access to data visualization that enables you to make data-driven decision
  • Build a Mobile app: LearnWorlds is an easy-to-use white-labeled solution that helps you to build your own mobile app for android and IOS mobiles that elaborate your online learning business.

Visit LearnWorlds Official YouTube Channel:

FAQs About LearnWorlds Coupon Code & Discount:

Does LearnWorlds offer any free trial?

Yes, LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial so that you may get familiar with all its features. 

Is there any money-back guarantee on LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its users. If you are not satisfied with its service, you can get a full refund within 30 days of subscribing to it. 

Does LearnWorlds offer any discount?

Yes, of course, LearnWorlds offers a 20% discount on its annual plans. 

Are there any course sale fees on LearnWorlds?

If you are choosing the starter plan, then you will have to pay $5 for the sale of every course. This is a one-time fee which means if you are selling your courses on a subscription basis, then you won’t have to pay every month for the same user.

Do I need hosting for my school on LearnWorlds?

No, you don’t need a hosting service for your school on LearnWorlds because they offer cloud hosting services for free in all their plans.

Can I connect my school to a custom domain?

If you have a custom domain, then you can easily connect your school with that domain on LearnWorlds.

Are there any other discounts available LearnWorlds?

If you are a Non-Profit Organization, then you can contact the support team of LearnWorlds and tell them about your work. They will definitely give you a discount on their plans.

Can I offer discounts & coupons on my courses?

Yes, you can offer as many coupons & discounts as you want to your visitors on LearnWorlds. This will also help you in promoting your courses.

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My Final Thoughts

LearnWorlds is an excellent platform in the learning management system and it is really good for conducting classes and tracking the effectiveness of training.

It has many options and the best features to give a better experience in learning. LearnWorlds also provides coupons on a frequent basis to make them available for lesser costs. They are different kinds of coupons that would be available for different purposes.

These types of coupons encourage customers to buy a course/service or to enter into training. LearnWorlds provides a versatile learning experience of the course/product/service so the clients would get more customers.

Overall, the LearnWorlds platform is the best platform for not only learning but also creating, promoting, and selling courses online. With the coupons, it turns out to be a great deal.

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