2021 Ping Submission Sites For Speed Indexing

Hello Readers Welcome to Techno Subrat.

A few days ago, I already shared with you how to get do-follow backlinks instantly.

But Friends I see many people asking the same questions in comments on

(Facebook, Quora, YouTube) etc. social media platform.

People Asking Question

  • How to index the backlinks in quickly?
  • What is Ping Submission websites?
  • How to Quickly index our post on Search Engine?

That’s Means he wants to know how to index their article on a Search engine Quickly.

(Like- Google, Bing etc) 

So Friend’s Todays I will Share with you

How to quickly index your Backlinks & Articles?

what is Free Social Ping Submission?

Friends, if you have any website, does not matter in Search engine.

But Google’s Crawler & spiders First read your complete article and internal or external links.

Then index your links & article on google.

That’s The Procedure when google Crawler & spiders come to your website & read your data then index your links & articles.

Friends Google bots Come to your website on-time schedule Minimum 24hours to max 168Hours.

Deepand on bots, If quickly bots come to your website then immediately index your backlinks & articles on Search engine.

Friends Suppose you write a post then you inform to google.

I write this post recently & index my post Quickly then visitors come to my website.

That’s The Procedure Called – “Ping Submission.

Ping submission means; we all ping to google I write one post on this website & index our backlinks & articles.

Friends if you want to know details of the Procedure about top ping submission sites-

  • How google ping submission work?
  • How Many types of ping submission available?

Then read this entire article & please don’t skip any line otherwise you lost essential things.

Friends I try to guide you through the image.

Ping Submission demo Image

By this method, our latest post will be indexed in Search engine And we will get more traffic to our website.

What is the benefit of ping submission tools?

  1. Increase your websites in organic traffic.
  2. Increase quality backlinks for your website.
  3. Super Fast indexing your websites article & backlinks.
  4. Top Ranking in Search Engine Result Pages(SERP).
  5. Visibility of our blog in Search Engine Result Pages(SERP).

How to Speed Index New Website On Search Engine?

  1. Verify Ownership on Google webmaster & bing webmaster tool.
  2. Create a sitemap through Rankmath SEO.
  3. Submit your sitemap in google search console & bing webmaster tool.
  4. Setup your websites RSS Feed.
  5. Add social media profiler of your website on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.
  6. Bookmark your website in High DA/PA Bookmarking sites.
  7. Submit your website to free directories submission sites.
  8. Share your images on Dofollow image sharing Websites.
  9. Submit your Blog post URLs in Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites.

Top ping submission site list

Here I was sharing with you top ping list wordpress sites 2021 tools sites:-

You can find many ping submission sites on google, but some ping submission sites are genuine.

1. free web submission

The main advantage of free web submission is that your site map in web tools does not matter if you submitted it.

If you once ping your link, then 50+ search engines see your post.

free web submission Image

2. Pingler

pingler is one of the best tools for pinging your site to dfferent search engine.

Because it allows you to ping your article according to its catoegory.

Pingler images

3. PingFarm

It is also good tool for ping submission. Here you can submit your latest post according to targeted keywords.

pingfarm images

4. PingoMatic

It is also a very good tool for ping your article in different search engines.

It also offers you to provide a title box on which you want to link your article.


4. FeedShark

Feedshark images

Feedshark is also one of the best tools for ping submission.

Here you can enter your post title, description with your URL.

I will bring your post fast google search results. It allows you to submit your blog URL in many ping services at one time.

Top 5 Ping Submission Sites

Submission Site list

How to Add or Update Ping Submission Sites List on WordPress Blog

Step 1: Login your WordPress Dashboard & Click Settings.

Step 2: Click on Settings – Writting Settings- Update Services.

Step 3: Follow the attached images.

wordpress images

Step 4: First add submission list then click save changes.


I hope I have cleared all your doubts related to What is Ping Submission?

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